Frequently Asked Questions

Is this community funded by any nation state or vested interest?
No, this community is funded by the generous donations of our members only.

Is this community for everyone?
Yes, Muslim and non-Muslim. Sunni or Shia.

But why do you align to certain principles?
This community adheres to the scholarly tradition of agreement on the adherence to the Sunnah as formulated in Aqeedah Tahawiyyah (Al-Tahawi), and to the known madhaahib concerning Fiqh by reliable narration as formulated in the Hanafi, Shafii, Maaliki and Hanbali madhaahib.
We do so because this is what has traditionally been done since the time of the Tabi’ees(Salaf us Saalih) and after them. It also gives us a platform to govern this community appropriately.

What does ‘govern’ mean?
We apply basic Islamic principles and community by-laws to ensure that this community is an Islamic and welcoming environment.

Is your community affiliated to any political ideology or entity?
No, we are an apolitical entity that has no position for or against any (mainstream) ideology or entity. We give our members a platform to discuss politics but we neither support nor oppose any of the mainstream ideologies.
For all ideologies that are based on hate/violence/intolerance, we are strongly against such and any members speaking about it in a supportive manner will promptly be banned from our community.

Why are there no male/female identifications and gender segregation?
We believe that gender-ambiguity is arguably better than people identifying their genders. In knowing the gender of the other person, temptation increases to speak to them.
It is also logical that if gender segregation was something people truly wanted, the men and women should use 2 separate communities instead of 1.

Are you the original Muslim.Chat community?
Yes, we are the original Muslim.Chat community founded in 2016. We have since rebranded to ZaytunHub. You can learn more about our rebranding HERE

There are multiple online Islamic communities, why should I trust yours?
We are the only transparent online Islamic community. We do not hide under veils of secrecy about who we are and what our positions are. Our community is accessible through basic vetting procedures and we are proud enough to not need to hide behind pointless screening measures.
We are also alerting everyone looking for online Islamic communities to be cautious when engaging with some of them. There are multiple reports of some communities being extremist in nature and advocating for violence against non-Muslims and other Muslims. You are urged to report such communities to your local authorities promptly.

I am XYZ, I would like to reach out to you with questions, how can I reach you?
We are available on multiple platforms. For queries, you can join our Discord community or Tweet us