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Finding Islam: Thomas

Hi, I’m Thomas. I’m a born and raised Kiwi who converted to Islam. I’ve been asked many times as to why I became Muslim and I’d like to briefly answer that and describe my journey and relationship with Islam in the next couple of paragraphs.

My Journey to Islam

I’ve never felt spiritually empty or devoid and I’ve never considered myself to be a Muslim out of spite for my parents or anyone else. Whenever someone asks me why I converted to Islam I get stuck. How do I answer? There wasn’t a miracle that made me convert, I’m not someone who converted on a whim. My first exposure to Islam was from someone who dared me to take Islamic Studies as an elective for my IGCSEs; at that time, I never took studying seriously and ended up achieving a ‘B’ in that subject.

It didn’t help that I am deeply sceptical of anything and everything new that comes to me. It took a while of reading through the Qur’an trying to find contradictions and holes that made me realise that I couldn’t find one that hadn’t been resolved or answered previously and so I soldiered onto deeper stuff such as the hadith and practices of Islam all of which made perfect sense to me.

I began to find Islam in everything I did. In some way I began to align myself to the principles of Islam. Monotheism began to make sense to me, then did the Existence of Allah and later on I accepted the Prophethood of Muhammad(SAW). I gave my testification of faith at a Mosque in Wellington and later again in Rome at the urging of my uncle.

Living as a Muslim

Although I’d call myself a very adaptive person, it took me a while to integrate the ritualistic parts of Islam into my life such as the five daily prayers or the fasting during Ramadan and even in some minor way Zak’at and I still have not fully gotten used to living an Islamic life. I had to fundamentally change myself for my own betterment – from being more conscious as to what I ate, to being more diligent and punctual with my prayers and even trying to emulate the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet(SAW).

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