Launch of ZaytunHub

The Muslim.Chat community started on Discord in 2016. The community experienced many highs and lows, like being featured on a mainstream news website and multiple instances of corrupt individuals harming the project in various ways. We needed a different way to build an online Muslim community, so in 2018 we adopted ideas like transparency, “Shura” and basic governance as some of the many foundations to rebuild our community.

Muslim.Chat rapidly scaled to become the largest and only transparent Muslim community on Discord with more than 1600 users in 12 months. We also set a trend through our media efforts via our website, Facebook, Instagram and other social media to reach out to thousands of Muslims/non-Muslims.

Going forward Muslim.Chat will henceforth be known as ZaytunHub. You can read about the inspiration for this name below.

Why we rebranded?

The negatives

The ‘chat’ in the name Muslim.Chat does not represent our current and future aspirations. The word chat indicates a single purpose which we have outgrown as a community. The name change is a means of our progression to a better future with our own image, vision and goals.

We also did a sentiment analysis on our previous brand name “Muslim.Chat” and discovered that it had a negative impression by all the people we asked. The negative feelings were broad but also unanimous. So we decided that it is time for us to rebrand ourselves and shift from a past history that the community had moved on, but our brand did not.

The positives

We took our name change seriously and evaluated at least 30 different names. Zaytun means olive(in Arabic), which comes from the olive tree. The olive tree/branch holds many positive connotations in Islam and in general. A famous idiom is to “hold out an olive branch (to someone)” which means to offer a token of peace or goodwill. The definition of the word ‘hub’ is “the central or main part of something where there is most activity”. Combining these 2 ideas, we chose ZaytunHub as our new community name.

Inspiration for our goals and name came from many organizations: ZamZam Academy, SeekersGuidance(previously SeekersHub), GitHub and Yaqeen Institute to name a few. Our primary goals for the present and near-future are:

  • Building a transparent, welcoming and supportive online community for Muslims and non-Muslims
  • Creating grassroots media projects that promote the message of Islam, learning, knowledge and creativity among Muslims
  • Developing an environment where technology can be used for the greater good

Our logo went through many iterations and variations. We focused on having the olive branch in some form on the logo and we looked at multiple options for other elements. We decided on the green dome of the Prophet Muhammad’s mosque(Masjidun Nabbawi) in Madinah. Here is an evolution of our logo:

We look forward to building ZaytunHub with all of you, our current and future community members! Find us on our various social media below and remember to Like/Follow/Subscribe to us.