Social Media Launch

Assalammu Alaykum and Peace be upon you all,

Muslim.Chat is growing up and we are excited to announce our first expansion outside of Discord. As we strive to build a community, it is important for us not to remain beholden to any platform indefinitely.

So with this exciting news, we would like to introduce you to our social media channels:






We will, InshaAllah(God-Willing), be sharing and expanding to these other platforms to truly become a community.

Are you interested in contributing to our new platforms? We have an exciting array of projects lined up and we welcome all the assistance we can get. Some of the help we can use includes: skilled video editors, content(written/spoken) writers and editors, translators(primarily English-Arabic for now). Contact the staff team via the appropriate channels and we can discuss how you can contribute.

As a special treat for our Discord users, simply follow our social accounts and you can earn 1500 Sultan coins for each follow (and bonus coins if you follow >1 account). You can claim your coins by contacting the staff team via our appropriate channels.

May Allah Grant us Success in our efforts.

Yours truly,
Muslim.Chat Team